General Objective 

The Restoring Lives Forming Families Corporation protects abandoned, mistreated, abused, and orphaned children and provides them with a family environment. We come alongside them as they heal emotionally, espiritually, and physically, and we guarantee their basic rights. Where possible, we facilitate their reintegration into their families, creating spaces that give families that are dysfunctional or in conflict restorative accompaniment in a comprehensive way.

Specific Objectives

·              Share God’s love with abandoned, mistreated, abused, and orphaned children through Biblical values and principles so that they can be formed into good, productive members of society


·               Protect children who are at risk, providing them with a safe family home where they can grow and develop in the healthiest, best way possible, where they receive their basic rights such as love, food, accommodation, education, acceptance, and overall protection, and where they learn Biblical principles, values, boundaries, and reasonable rules


·               In an integral way, restore wounded children so that they are happy, caring, and confident people who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and have a well‑established identity


·               Model for children and young people what a functional family home is like so that they are able to break all generational bondages of dysfunctional families, establish healthy marriages based on the values of a functional home, and be benevolent parents


·               Form the character of children and young people using the Word of God and a loving, firm upbringing so that their behaviour is not only changed temporarily, but so that their way of thinking, feelings, beliefs, and world view are transformed positively and permanently


·               Train and educate children and young people to be independent so that they can make good decisions and assume the responsibility and consequences of those decisions so that they themselves are able to deal with life


·               Bring together pastoral and professional accompaniment for homes that are dysfunctional or in conflict so that they can become functional families who live according to Biblical principles by which each member assumes their role with love, commitment, and responsibility


·               Promote reconciliation between each individual and their Creator, between spouses, and among parents and their children


·                Train parents how to raise and correct their children in love