Support us financially!

Support our children

To cover the monthly expenses of Restoring Lives Forming Families Corporation, we need support from others. We need people like you who will join our cause and who would like to support us financially.

Help us buy our property

Currently we are doing ministry in a rented house. In the near future we would like our children to have a home in the countryside close to Medellin.

Please help us make the dream for our children a reality!

Bank account in Switzerland:

Schweizerische Missions-Gemeinschaft
Industriestrasse 1
8401 Winterthur
Postkonto: 80-42881-3
Note: Frehner - Stiftung Refamilia


Bank account in Germany:

Volksbank Kraichgau

 BLZ: 672 922 00

 IBAN: DE02 6729 2200 0000 2692 04


 D-76889 Sinsheim

Note: SMG, Frehner - Stiftung Refamilia


Bank account in Colombia:


Restaurando Vidas Formando Familias

Savings account number 551-933691-45